Introducing The Kalonda Timeless Black Vega

Introducing the latest Kalonda creation: the Kalonda Timeless Black Vega. Pre-order your exclusive Kalonda Timepiece now in our online boutique.

Introducing The Marvels Of The Universe: Discover the Kalonda Timeless Collection

Kalonda introduces a Collection of watches that withstands the test of time: Discover the Kalonda Timeless Collection. In the process of creating the Kalonda Timeless Collection, we’ve let the universe inspire us. The names of the four models are named after the marvels of the universe. Also, every timepiece features a unique quote, created by Kalonda.

The Highly Anticipated Royalty Collection For Her Video

Detailed and Refined, Passionate and Ambitious, the latest collection of Kalonda timepieces is designed and crafted for the most Royal beings of this world: Queens.

How to adjust the fitting of Royalty Collection Timepieces.

In this video we will demonstrate how to adjust the mesh band to help you find the perfect fitting for your wrist.

Introducing the mystery of the Royal Black watch.

Mysterious and Sophisticated: Experience the bold Kalonda Royal Black.