Kalonda & the Indonesian super star: Diego Michiels

Whether it’s a textbook tackle or a tackle ‘below the belt’, the right fullback from the Indonesian Football Club ‘Sriwijaya FC’ does not take half measures. Besides guarding the flanks for his club, Diego Michiels also does what he does best for the Indonesian national team: being the opponents’ strikers’ worst nightmare.

“You always have to respect your opponent, but they have to respect me even more, always.”

Diego Muhammad bin Robbie Michiels, or Diego Michiels was born on the 8th of August 1990 in Deventer, the Netherlands. He first touched the ball when he was three years old and little Diego found his lifetime passion: football.


The Royalty Collection For Her

Kalonda is creating a collection of timepieces meant for the most Royal beings among men: Women. The vision behind the Royal Collection for her is that every women is Royal, but only a true queen isn’t afraid to fail: A true queen knows failure is just a step towards greatness and beyond.


How to adjust the watch band for Kalonda’s Royalty Collection – Mesh Band

One of the big advantages the Kalonda mesh band has, is that you don’t have to pay a visit to the jeweler in order to adjust the size of the watch band. You can do it yourself and this video demonstrates how to do it!


introducing The Mystery Of The Royal Black Watch

Kalonda proudly introduces you to the Royal Black watch! We’ve put a lot of effort in creating the right design that fits well with the branding of the Royalty Collection and the Kalonda brand. The vision behind the Royalty Collection is that nobody is born royal, royalty comes from what you do. Every timepiece in the Royalty Collection has its own unique quote created by Kalonda.