Passion, Ambition and Dreams, those are the values that make individuals connect and thrive as A whole. Kalonda is forged upon these principles believing ambition is the fuel for the individuals dreams, and passion is the road that leads to greatness and beyond. These three keystones live within the Kalonda creators as they too aim to thrive in this world.

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It is Kalonda’s mission to motivate and remind individuals that chasing your dream is of the utmost importance to succeed in life. In order to succeed in this ambitious mission, Kalonda’s vision is to create products and in the long term a lifestyle that fits the passionate, ambitious individuals.


Passion represents the left wing in the Kalonda logo. We believe passion is the residing creative force that lies within all of us. It is the first of the three keystones that is needed to achieve, to gain and ultimately succeed


Ambition represents the A in the Kalonda logo. It is what makes an individual do what he or she has to do to succeed. It is this what makes an individual strongly desire what he or she wants most, and is the most important of the three keystones. But remember: to ultimately thrive you need all three.


Dreams represent the right wing in the Kalonda logo. Having a dream is not always realistic. If you only have a dream, it will remain just that. If an individual has a passion to back it up, he or she can forge an ambition to create a foundation for success.