The Royal Silver Watch ‘For Her’


The Kalonda Royal Silver watch is designed and crafted for the calm and spiritual queens. She is elegant and respectable, patient and dignified. Prosperity and positive energy are the ways the Silver queen follows.

The color silver stands for prestige and wealth and it reflects and illuminates the energy of other colors. Silver is the metal of the sophisticated and self-reflective: silver serves as a mirror of the soul.

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Case diameter

39 mm

Case thickness

10.4 mm

Case material

Stainless steel


Sapphire Glass


18 mm

Water resistant

10 ATM


Automatic (Miyota 8215)


Kalonda watch box


1 year international

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Every Queen needs a timepiece that is as sharply accurate and breathtakingly beautiful as she is. The wearer of this watch will conquer icebergs with Kalonda on her wrist as she unlocks her dreams. As soft, elegant, dignified, and prestigious as blue velvet, the Royal Silver Watch will match a Queen’s spiritual energy and reflect her ambitious drive for success for others and herself. 

Our Kalonda watches complete the look of a gorgeous, sophisticated lifestyle. Each watch is imbued with the ethos of model-like beauty paired with the highest quality timepiece. Subtle, well-polished, and ambitious queens will find that this watch slips naturally over their wrist.

All Kalonda luxury watches for women are lovingly inscribed with an original quotation on the face to motivate and inspire the wearer. The Royal Silver Watch quote is: “A dream is a locked door; ambition is the key to open it”.

Passionate, ambitious dreamers are the ones who make the world a better place. We strive to adorn each visionary with a luxurious timepiece that reveals their eminence and shows everyone who sees them their potential for greatness.