The Royal Gold Watch ‘For Him’


The Royal Gold watch combines the metal of kings with the passion that resides inside of the Kalonda creators to create a timepiece for the extravagant individual who feels bold as A king, strong as A lion. Gold is the color of the winner, confident and passionate, extravagant and wise.

This royal color is not meant for the stubborn or the cowards, it is the color of a true lion that seeks eternal glory and wisdom. The ones who wear the color of gold shall feel the power of success, the meaning of wealth and the smell of victory.

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Case diameter

44 mm

Case thickness

12.6 mm

Case material

Stainless steel


Sapphire Glass


24 mm

Water resistant

10 ATM


Automatic (Miyota 8215)


Kalonda watch box


1 year international

Product code


The Kalonda Royal Gold Watch is a statement piece that not everyone can carry off effectively. Luxurious, stately, and noble, the Royal Gold Watch is designed to be worn by kings with confidence. Like a lion’s roar, the golden colour flash of a luxury watch on a wrist will remind everyone who is king.

Gleaming in the bold royal shade of gold, this timepiece is the perfect match for the man who is focused on his reputation and ambitions. Wear this for a long rule that is as prosperous as it is luxurious.

Curate an image of wealth, potential, and suave distinction with a luxury gold watch for men that matches the wearer’s energy, drive, ambition, and passion. As high-class as a luxury suit, the Royal Gold Watch inspires confidence and patience for the right timing.

Each Kalonda Luxury Watch for Men is inscribed with an original quotation on the face to motivate and inspire the wearer. The Royal Gold Watch quote is: “Dreams are the X on the map. Ambition is the fuel to get there”.

Passionate, ambitious dreamers are the ones who make the world a better place. We strive to adorn each visionary with a luxurious timepiece that reveals their eminence and shows everyone who sees them their potential for greatness.