The Royal Black Watch ‘For Her’


The Kalonda Royal Black watch fits the more mysterious of queens, she is discrete and prefers to go unnoted. But do not doubt her, as she can leave her world of silence and come out fiercely when needed, the queens authority is not a subject of discussion.

The color black is mysterious, powerful and goes more unwitnessed in comparison to the other Royal colors. This black metal is not intended for all. Queens who wear black know what power is and leave their trail in a cloud of mystery.

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Case diameter

39 mm

Case thickness

10.4 mm

Case material

Stainless steel


Sapphire Glass


18 mm

Water resistant

10 ATM


Automatic (Miyota 8215)


Kalonda watch box


1 year international

Product code



Black with gold accents and stainless steel. Designed for royalty and worn by powerful women with ambitious dreams.

What lies in the shadows is just as vital as that which shines in the light. The Royal Black Watch For Her is mysterious, powerful, and intended for uniquely stunning queens. Slip it onto a queen’s wrist to wear with royal abundance that will spill over into every facet of her life. 

Each Kalonda luxury watch for women is inscribed with an original quotation on the face to motivate and inspire the wearer. The Royal Black Watch quote is: “True prowess leads to royal abundance and beyond”.

Passionate, ambitious dreamers are the ones who make the world a better place. We strive to adorn each visionary with a luxurious timepiece that reveals their eminence and shows everyone who sees them their potential for greatness.